May 26, 2010

EMFPath is available on Eclipse Labs

The EMFPath project is now available on EclipseLabs.

EMFPath is a Java framework based on Google Collections for browsing / editing EMF models. It has a concise and DSL-like API and has been designed with performance in mind.
There are no binary build yet, the API is still in Beta stage and then subject to change. It also lacks some documentations like a "Quick start", but everything is released so you can use it today.

You are welcome to provide feedback / comments / reviews / contributions ;)

May 15, 2010

Eclipse Labs is now open

Eclipse and Google announced Eclipse Labs. It has been a long awaited initiative from the community. This is an opportunity for anyone creating an Eclipse-based software to be exposed as a part of the Eclipse Ecosystem. The hosting system is based on Google Code project hosting. It is even possible to migrate projects already hosted at Google. All details can be found in the FAQ.