September 15, 2010

First binary release of EMFPath

The binaries of the EMFPath project are finally available. The release is tagged 0.3.0. It is an early release and the API is still subject to change. Do not hesitate to report bugs or features requests on the tracker page.

The release is available in two shapes:

EMFPath depends on Google Guava r05. People who want to use EMFPath from Eclipse may also want to use the Guava OSGi bundles available from the guava-bundle project. This project provides a P2 repository with all of the released versions of Google Guava.

Note: EMFPath is a set of functions and predicates (as defined by Google Guava libraries) along with a set of utility methods to help navigating and editing Eclipse EMF models.


  1. Cool ...!!!

    I'll be one of the first customers Mikael ;-)


  2. Hi Juancho!

    Good to read few words from you! Thanks for your interest. Do not hesitate to give me some news about you ;-)